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The Cordova Law Firm's Practice Support Team provides technology support to help clients and attorneys achieve favorable outcomes for their matters. Our three-point approach involves the following:


* Client access to work product

* Lawyer connectivity

* Data security


Whether clients need early case assessment or real-time remote document sharing capabilities, we work with clients to develop practical solutions to allow us to represent our clients in their most important matters.


More than simply litigation support—though we do that quite well—the Cordova Law Firm legal team is capable to assign and utilize technology tools to achieve client goals. Our robust internal infrastructure allows us to self-host many critical practice support functions, such as litigation document review, on our servers, so client data is not subject to unnecessary overexposure.


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* Client Access

With next-generation extranets, document review portals, deal rooms, and customized workflow solutions, we put a premium on giving clients access to the documents, demonstratives, conversations, and work products they need to efficiently protect their interests and resolve their conflicts.


The analysts and project leaders on our practice support team help tailor technology solutions to clients' needs. Because we regularly update and upgrade our applications and platforms, we often mirror client productivity suites, so clients feel comfortable accessing their work through our familiar systems right off the bat.


* Lawyer Connectivity

Since the introduction of email and network-based file sharing, we have deliberately built an integrated framework over the past 30 years in which our attorneys can have ready connectivity with the Cordova Law Firm system from any location with Internet access. As a result, clients can rest assured that their lawyers can get online, on the phone, and on the matter in minutes should a critical issue arise. In circumstances where every moment counts, the Cordova Law Firm provides responsiveness you can trust.


In addition to the technology we use that connects lawyers to clients and client matters, we have established relationships with providers of legal support services worldwide to help handle client issues. Thanks to these relationships, we routinely bring seamless problem solving to complex legal matters that span countries and continents.


* Data Security

All the connectivity in the world means nothing without client confidence in our ability to maintain security, integrity, and discretion with regard to client data. From protecting against cybercrimes to planning for natural disasters, we have placed a premium on data integrity. Our servers—and the information on them—are backed up by means of co-location to a hardened facility. This is just one of the steps we take to ensure the integrity of client data. In addition to maintaining data security, we also make sure that it is managed effectively. Working in close coordination with our IT department, the practice support team helps attorneys and clients maintain strict controls and management processes for document review. These compliance measures help prevent problems and issues before they even arise.​

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