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The Cordova Law Firm, LLP is dedicated to providing superior value by tailoring services to the particular needs of each client. We build teams with broad and deep industry experience, then combine sophisticated legal knowledge to leverage the effective application of legal solutions.


Please choose a website link below to assist you or a loved one in gaining knowledge to better assist you in these matters. 

Construction Law in Colorado Blog

This blog provides insight on key cases and decisions relevant to construction law in Colorado.

Creditors' Rights Blog

This blog is dedicated to creditor's rights issues that arise in and outside of the bankruptcy context, and focuses on issues affecting creditors in the Mountain West and the states where we practice—Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming.





Employers' Lawyers Blog

The Employers' Lawyers Blog offers the latest legal news and commentary on issues affecting today's employers. Our Labor and Employment team posts best practice tips, checklists and updates designed to keep organizations of all sizes in compliance with federal and state employment laws. 





Fiduciary Law Blog

This blog keeps you informed of news and articles related to fiduciary law and the Fiduciary Solutions practice at Holland & Hart.





Health Law Blog

This blog keeps you informed of healthcare industry updates.





Persuasion Strategies Blog

Persuasive Litigator aims to provide litigators timely information and practical tips on legal persuasion spanning pretrial and trial phases, for jury, bench, and arbitration settings.





Legal Links

Colorado Law

  • Looking for a statute in Colorado or wan to learn more informaiton.

  • Looking for information on Colorado Government or Legislation?

  • Find information about your U.S. and Colorado Consitutional rights!

  • Looking for forms, legal self help options, or information about a Court house or district.

Federal Law

  • U.S. Code of perminent and general Federal Laws

  • Need information of Federal Civil Procedural Law?

  • Need assistance with Federal Evidentry Laws?

  • Federal Procedure and Law Resource

  • Colorado Federal Court - 10th Circuit 

Local  Government

  • Need information from Salida, Colordo Local Government page?

  • Need information from Chaffee County, like the assesor or clerk?

  • Alamosa County information

  • Saguache, Colorado information

  • Information about Canyon City and Fremont County

  • Lake County and Leadville, Colorado Information

Federal  Government

  • White House information

  • Issues or questions about the U.S. Senate

  • Issues or questions about U.S. House of Representitives


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