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Salida Colorado Lawyer, Southern Colorado Lawyer, San Luis Valley Lawyer, Southern Colorado Lawyer, Family Law, Divorce, Personal Injury,  Alamosa Lawyer, Alamosa Attorney
Real Estate


The Cordova Law Firm, LLP represent clients in their real estate needs, both in real estate transactions and in real estate litigation.


In the areas of commercial and residential real estate transactions, our law firm represents clients in all phases, from the negotiation process through closing. Among the matters we regularly handle are land sales, leases and purchase options, commercial and retail development, drafting and negotiating commercial and residential leases. Through strong preparation and diligence, we strive to avoid any problems that could complicate your transaction or cause problems afterwards. We are versed in the complexities of specialized documents such as real estate appraisals, survey reports, feasibility studies, financing documents, title work, and title insurance documents.


While the majority of transactions are executed without major conflicts, problems can arise for countless reasons. Whether you encounter transaction irregularities or a zoning issue, get entangled in a boundary dispute, notice a title error or suspect fraud, our attorneys will help you find a workable solution and preserve your legal rights. Issues that we can help you with include, enforcement of purchase and sale agreements, title issues, easement rights, adverse possession issues, survey disputes, residential and commercial lease disputes, real estate agent and broker disputes, covenants and restrictions, zoning and variance issues, eminent domain, and foreclosures. Our firm is prepared to advise and represent you in seeking the best possible resolution to virtually any type of real estate dispute.


The Cordova Law Firm, LLP represents clients from all facets of the construction industry. The Firm’s lawyers have represented both plaintiffs and defendants in construction defect litigation. They have defended homebuilders and prosecuted claims on behalf of homeowners and cities. It is this balanced experience that gives the Cordova Law Firm, LLP keen insight into construction litigation and the ability to serve a wide range of clients.


The Cordova Law Firm’s lawyers represent homebuilders, contractors, subcontractors, tradesmen, and suppliers engaged in all phases of commercial and residential construction. Their extensive experience includes drafting and negotiating contracts, resolving contract disputes, addressing contract and negligence claims, and prosecuting claims related to insurance coverage.





At the Cordova Law Firm, LLP we regularly represent property owners, landlords and tenants in leasing transactions ranging from the ordinary to the complex. We understand that being a property owner or landlord can be a good investment, but it can also present risks. We also understand that from a tenant's perspective, a landlord can present problems. Whatever your legal issue, whether you are interested in routine lease drafting or dispute resolution, an experienced landlord tenant leasing attorney is available to assist you.


In lease related matters as in all of our legal work, our goal is to prevent you, our client, from experiencing unnecessary delay and expense in your legal issue. Contact us today and we will gladly answer any questions you have, address your situation and determine if we may be able to help.




Our attorneys are exceptionally experienced in matters of real estate law. We can represent you on your 100,000 square foot lease for an office or shopping center or help with your home lease. Whether forging a new relationship between landlord and tenant, counseling about an existing lease or terminating a lease/regaining property possession, we put our knowledge to work for you. With decades of real estate expertise, our firm will provide effective representation in all of your lease matters, whether your lease is NNN, Base Year Gross, Percentage Rent or some combination thereof. Our legal expertise is available to help property owners and potential/existing tenants find answers to their land use regulation questions. We also handle leasing issues in all real estate development projects, including commercial, residential, mixed-use, retail and industrial. Examples of our landlord and tenant services include:


  • Lease drafting, review, negotiation, advice

  • Tenant Finish and Work Letter

  • Dispute resolution

  • Lease administration Evictions (both landlord and tenant)

  • Post-foreclosure eviction

  • Security deposit recovery

Salida Colorado Lawyer, Southern Colorado Lawyer, San Luis Valley Lawyer, Southern Colorado Lawyer, Family Law, Divorce, Personal Injury,  Alamosa Lawyer, Alamosa Attorney
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